EveryFan Social Responsibility Policy

EveryFan is committed to responsible gaming and to doing everything possible to give its customers an enjoyable gaming experience whilst recognising that gambling can cause problems for a minority of individuals. EveryFan is a gambling product and is also a form of entertainment, and should never financially or emotionally affect a customer's life. Like drugs or alcohol, some people can become addicted to gambling and customers should be aware of this potential. Borrowing money to play, spending above your budget or using money allocated for other purposes is not only unwise but can lead to significant problems for you and others around you. We want you to enjoy your experience with EveryFan, but we are also want our customers to engage with us in a positive and responsible way.

Identifying if you have a gambling problem

EveryFan is in the process of being certified by GamCare and adheres to their strict codes of conduct. EveryFan wants its customers to manage their gambling spending in a way that ensures both their enjoyment and safety.

The following list of questions is designed to help those who think they, (or someone they care about) may have a gambling problem identify it early so they can seek help.

If you can readily identify with some or all of the below then you may have a gambling problem.

Getting Assistance

There are many organisations that can provide support and assistance to people who develop a problem with gambling, and EveryFan recommends that customers that have concerns about their gambling contact these organisations for help. The following websites offer advice and guidance. Each one contains help line numbers and an email address that you may contact if you would like confidential advice and support:





Additional Responsible Gaming Features

Limiting your spending

EveryFan provides online and In-App tools to help you control the amount of money you can deposit or wager with us.

You can establish limits on the amount you deposit or wager over a given period. Any request to decrease a deposit or wager limit will take effect immediately. Requests to increase those limits will only be carried out after you have had a cooling off period to make sure you want to increase the limit.

Time outs

You may, at any time request a 'Time Out' from participation with EveryFan. You can chose to time out for the following durations; 24 hours, one week, one month or any period requested by the customer up to 6 weeks.

Time outs do not constitute full self exclusion and the purpose of the time out is to assist you in exercising self-control. You will continue to receive marketing materials during your time out. Upon the time out period expiring, your account will automatically be re-activated so you can once again participate in EveryFan.


You may, at any time, request self-exclusion from participation in EveryFan. You can do this by by following our self-exclusion procedure in your account settings. Alternatively this facility is available by contacting our customer care team by emailing selfexclusion@everyfan.net.

When you choose to self-exclude:

In addition, a community manager will provide you with contact information about organisations that can be of assistance. Your account will only be considered for re-activation by EveryFan upon receipt of a request from you and following an exclusion period of at least 6 months. If you choose not to renew your self exclusion and make a request to start gambling again you will be given 1 'cooling off' day to ensure you are comfortable with your decision.

Prevention of underage gambling

You must be at least 18 years old to play at EveryFan. We undertake rigorous checks to ensure that no person under legal age has access to our Service. Provision of inaccurate or dishonest information about a customer's age will result in forfeiture of any winnings and may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution.

In order to prevent underage persons from accessing the site we recommend that responsible customers take steps to secure their Phone and/or computer used for accessing EveryFan.